Twisted Mbizi Bangle

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Handmade in South Africa

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This hand twisted bangle is made of pure copper mined in South Africa and is available in one standard size. No two hand twisted copper bangles are completely identical, each has its unique marks of time and touch; the beauty of artisanal imperfection.

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Dimensions 26 × 17 × 2 cm

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  1. Dave

    For a few years now I’ve worn and had a special place for a well made copper or brass bangle, wearing up to 10 at a time.

    Over the years I’ve given them away to friends, to date probably over 200 bangles worn and given away or purchased and gifted. I’ve worn a variety of designs and patterns, preferring the Zimbabwean shapes and designs that are occasionally three metals or a combination of 2 (Brass & copper). As far as workmanship goes these bangles are well made and last.

    Until fairly recently when I came across Africae bangles for the second time I was absolutely thrilled, I originally purchased a bangle from them a few years ago early into my understanding of bangles and how much they contribute to our history and the concept of time and appraised them solely on merit or workmanship. James’ bangle stood out amongst all the rest, almost completely uniform yet no two are alike, well balanced, perfect length, well finished on the ends (No sharp bits or ends that come loose and fall off) and a tailored look that one can get away with wearing anywhere.

    These bangles are produced to the highest quality and if worn according to the principle of put it on and leave it, clean daily and remove dirt build up. They will last a lifetime.

    Thank you to the Africae team for producing amazing authentic African products – that journey around the world in gift bags or on wrists – sharing the passion of Africa in a very quite yet bold fashion.

    Dubula inyanga noma ugeja uzohlala phakati kwenzinkanyezi.

    Many thanks again and always!

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