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Frequently Asked Questions

Do copper bangles help arthritis?

Copper bangles have been used as a natural, non-addictive and drug-free remedy for arthritis and joint pain for generations.

Are your bangles made with real copper?

Yes, our bangles are made with new (virgin) copper which is responsibly sourced from mines in South Africa.

How do I purchase a bangle?

We have trading posts in some of the wildest places, let us know where you are and we may be able to point you in the direction of a nearby store. We also courier bangles directly to doors all around the world.

Where are the bangles made?

Our bangles are handmade in South Africa.

How do I put a bangle on?

Hold the bangle in both hands with the open ends facing towards you. Evenly pull the ends apart so that there is just enough space between them to slip across the wrist. Fit the bangle over your wrist and press the sides to close to a comfortable size.

When opening and closing your bangle, do so evenly and only as widely as is necessary to fit it over your wrist. Bending it excessively will weaken it over time and opening it too widely may eventually cause it to break. With care, your bangle will last many years.
Do they come in different sizes?

Our copper bangles are made in one standard size. Traditionally, African metalsmiths made bangles by measuring the distance from the tip of their longest finger to the bottom of the palm of their open hand (on average 19cm or 7.5 inches). Bangles can be closed to a tighter fit by pressing the ends together and if necessary past one another so that the two ends overlap. A looser fit is most often the preferred choice in Africa.

Do copper bangles tarnish?

Yes, they do tarnish over time and more so while not being worn. Copper naturally oxidizes under normal conditions, darkens in colour and loses its lustre. However, with exposure to the warmth and natural oils in the skin, copper bangles regain their shine.

How do I polish a copper bangle?

Our copper bangles love to be worn. The best way to naturally shine a copper bangle is to wear it and rub it against your skin. In our experience this is best done on a sunny day and with a bit of perspiration. For a quick shine, you can take it off your arm and rub it between the palms of your hands. The natural oils in your skin will polish your bangle beautifully. There is no need to use artificial polishes or chemicals.

Can copper bangles get wet?

Yes, they can get wet. Copper is insoluble in water and if you prefer to keep them on while swimming and showering you can.

What’s great about these bangles?
What People Say

“What’s great about these bangles? – you figure it out.”

Paul John Myburgh (author of ‘The Bushman Winter Has Come’ and owner of the best coffee roastery in South Africa)

“As a spiritual healer, automatically drawn to nature and natural minerals, it was a blessing for me to come across Africae Bangles. Their work is elegant, craftsmanship is of superior standards. Overall service also superb. Loving my bangle every day.”

Seraki Sekhukhune II

“I’ve been travelling in through Africa since 2004, and have been to many places, met many wonderful people (and not so wonderful) and moved in the rhythm of the beautiful continent and proud to say, that I am an African. And nothing says that better, than a copper bangle, forged in Africa on my wrist. Long live copper bangles”

Thinus Botha

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