What People Say

“I am wearing all five of my bangles ! …” Heather (Canada)

“I own several of your bangles and I have always loved them. I recently had a dear friend visiting who fell in love with them and asked if I could find similar bangles for himself, and friends and family he would like to give them to …” Svend (Namibia)

“I purchased 2 African bangles in Johannesburg in 2010 after an amazing trip through East Africa. 1 copper, for myself and a larger brass one for a special male friend. We both cherish these bracelets. My friend lost his and is devastated …” Susan (Australia)

“After having lived in South Africa for many years, I now dwell in France ! I regularly go to SA, where I went to school and University, and each time I come back to France I bring back with me your different bangles which my friends want seeing me wear one regularly …” Gilbert (France)

“I bought my bangle in 2018 and I haven’t taken it off since. Not one single day. I love how it’s gone from the hand of the person who made it to mine. It’s never lost it’s lustre but continues to shine no matter what I put it through… I can’t imagine ever taking it off …” Natasha (South Africa)

“These bangles are produced to the highest quality … Thank you to the Africae team for producing amazing authentic African products – that journey around the world in gift bags or on wrists – sharing the passion of Africa in a very quiet yet bold fashion …” Dave (South Africa)

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